Spaces and offices
The intelligent solution that allows users to conveniently receive parcels at their workplace while streamlining internal logistics in offices, coworking spaces, or buildings.
of consumers want to receive online purchases at their workplace
improvement in company reception productivity
worker satisfaction
reduction in environmental impact contributing to urban sustainability
guaranteed, private,
and secure deliveries.
Smart and efficient spaces and offices
The Smart Locker, designed to integrate into the space, allows for the easy and free receipt and return of packages from any carrier.
Smart Locker Technology
Total automation of logistics and management processes
Manage all user transactions across different pickup points on a single Cloud platform. Obtain data and generate analytics to drive and digitize your operations.
Easily integrate with any software platform, management program, or e-commerce, obtaining complete traceability and workflow from all systems.
High adaptability and composition allowing scalability according to consumption needs.
Do you need temperature control in your Smart Locker?
If any product from retail requires temperature-controlled storage, we meet your needs by combining refrigerated, frozen and parcel modules.
Much more than a
smart locker
Software that automates processes and operations
Autonomous delivery and pickup point, available for any logistics operator.
Experience and added value for the worker
Efficient, private, and secure deliveries.
Eliminates management costs at reception
Total and automated parcel management
Eliminates the flow of operators in the building
The Smart Locker is modular, allowing the addition of as many modules as necessary.
The system can be installed both indoors and outdoors, allowing its use in any location as it is weather-resistant and vandal-proof.
The system is autonomous, capable of integrating with multiple platforms for better management and control of the Smart Locker.
Columat’s operational
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Smart Lockers revolution!
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