Smart Lockers
with temperature control
Allows picking up online purchases without worrying about their preservation, as each compartment adapts to the necessary temperature of the product: frozen, cold or isothermal.
of consumers require their purchase to be stored at a controlled temperature
of consumers repeat pickups at the Columat Smart Locker
increase in sales
reduction in CO2 and NO2 emissions
Guaranteed deliveries,
private and secure.
One Smart Locker,
different temperatures
Possibility of combining modules with and without temperature according to customer needs, in addition to independently adjusting the temperature of each compartment.
Smart Locker Technology
Total automation of logistics and management processes
Manage all user transactions across different pickup points on a single Cloud platform. Obtain data and generate analytics to drive and digitize your operations.
Easily integrate with any software platform, management program, or e-commerce, obtaining complete traceability and workflow from all systems.
High adaptability and composition allowing scalability according to consumption needs.
Much more than a
smart locker
Software that automates processes and operations
Optimize queues and offer experience.
Purchase pickup available 24/7.
Independent temperature in each module: frozen, cold, ambient or hot.
Complete traceability with the Columat platform.
The Smart Locker is modular, allowing the addition of as many modules as necessary.
The system can be installed both indoors and outdoors, allowing its use in any location as it is weather-resistant and vandal-proof.
The system is autonomous, capable of integrating with multiple platforms for better management and control of the Smart Locker.
The refrigerated Smart Locker independently maintains the appropriate temperature for each compartment for the proper storage of purchases.
Columat’s operational
Be part of the
Smart Lockers revolution!
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