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The solution tailored
to each sector
Enable your customers
an omnichannel Click &
Collect experience
Spaces and offices
Eliminate package management in the space
Increase and improve internal operations and optimize the last mile
Store products according to temperature needs (refrigerated, frozen, ambient and hot)
Smart Locker Technology
Total automation of logistics and management processes
Manage all user transactions across different pickup points on a single Cloud platform. Obtain data and generate analytics to drive and digitize your operations.
Easily integrate with any software platform, management program, or e-commerce, obtaining complete traceability and workflow from all systems.
High adaptability and composition allowing scalability according to consumption needs.
How does it work?
Columat allows managing orders through any application and choosing a pickup point
A Locker,
endless possibilities.
We adapt the size, design, modules and compartments of the installation according to the specific needs of each space and sector
If you don't know where to install it, we help you find locations.
Be part of the
Smart Lockers revolution!
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